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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well I just thought I would add some pictures of Griffin and of the house. Griffin is doing great. My sister came to help me get things for the house and to meet Griffin. Things with the house are going well. We are pretty over painting. The carpet is in and so is the hard wood floors. Now we just have to work on the bathrooms, paint the door, paint the cabinet doors, move stuff in, and well lots of other little things. uhh...the list is endless. But we are so thankful for everyone's help along the way. Can't wait to show you finished pictures!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

hey everyone, just wanted to give a brief update on griffin.  he has been doing great; gaining weight sleeping well, doing all that babies do.  the only thing i'd ask you to pray for is his pulmonary arteries.  at this point they aren't as big as they should be.  they need to be a certain size in order to go ahead with the next surgery which Lord willing will be sometime this summer.  your prayers are coveted.

in his grace

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