surgery update

Saturday, May 30, 2009

we had originally told everyone that griffin's surgery was scheduled for June 10th, which in part was true because that's what we were told. However, when we spoke with the surgeon's nurse yesterday we found out that the surgeon doesn't do surgeries at Lutheran General on the 10th only the 3rd or the 17th.

so here is the situation we are presented with, there is a girl who is scheduled for surgery on the 3rd however she is sick and possibly won't have it done. if she doesn't, then we can be scheduled for the 3rd but we won't know for sure until monday. if it doesn't work out to do it next wednesday then we will be slotted for the 17th which is two and half weeks away. the tough part is that my parents planned their trip from canada around the original scheduled date so they're going to have to change their flight in order to be around to help.

either way we need your prayers as we go into this next couple of weeks. the cardiac catheterization from thursday showed that everything was developed and as it needed to be in order to proceed with surgery, which we are very thankful for. the outlook is good from the doctors as far as griffin being ready and also his ability to recover quickly. yesterday you would have never known he had been in the hospital the whole day before.

this is getting be a lengthy post so i'll wrap it up. there is ONE LAST THING we need prayer for, it turns out girffin has an ingrown toenail that is infected. we had to take him in yesterday and the pediatrician gave him some antibiotics so that it would clear up before surgery. if it's not one thing it's another.

we are so thankful to trust in a God who is in control and has griffin in his hands especially when we can't hold him. i think we could write a book from all the things God has taught us through this.

we'll keep you posted on what's happening.

the hingers

Our ideal dog

Friday, May 29, 2009

We ran into this guy on our walk tonight. He escaped from his owner who we ran into a few minutes later.

If we could have a dog, it would one of these or a bulldog.
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Griffin today

Thursday, May 28, 2009

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trusting God in all things

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

well it's been a bit of an emotional week here in our house. it is largely due to griffin's upcoming surgery. the surgery isn't until june 10th, however we have had to get a bunch of things done beforehand. things like labs and his cardiac catheter. on tuesday we took him in for his labs and had to pin him to the table as they stuck him with the needle to draw a couple viles of blood. i'm not sure what was harder, having to watch him in pain or being the one holding him there and putting him through it. nevertheless his pleading eyes were difficult to watch as he turned multiple shades of purple all while crying to make it stop.

right now amber is feeding him the last food he will get until after the cardiac catheter. if you're wondering what the cardiac catheter is, you can read more about it here. we'll be leaving at six in the morning to drive him up to Lutheran General where they will give him an IV and put him under to do the procedure. it takes about 2-3 hours for the procedure and then a while after that for griffin to come off the drugs. the biggest things they are looking for tomorrow is that his pulmonary arteries are big enought to perform the next surgery and also that the pressures in his heart are low enough to proceed. they can also make the call and decide if surgery needs to be done immediately or if it can wait until the scheduled june 10th date.

as you think of us please pray for griffin to be ok as he has to undergo pain as well as for amber and i to remain strong and to rest in the peace and comfort that only God provides Phil 4:7. also pray that all things will be well in order to proceed as planned for the surgery in two weeks.

i think the toughest part is that this is just the beginning, the road continues on in the upcoming weeks. thank you for all your prayers and encouragement and support. God has been more faithful and evident at this time in our life then ever before.

the hingers

my wonderful litle girl

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i wanted to share this video with you. Eden thought she would get out of bed and get into some stuff. the result made me both angry and giggle.

eli at fine arts day

Friday, May 22, 2009

eli was rocking it out today at fine arts day.  here is a little mash up of everything they did, take close note of his sweet clapping and waving near the end.

Eden's preferred choice of sleeping arrangements

Monday, May 18, 2009

Went in to check on the kids before we went to bed, and Eden decided the floor would be more comfortable.

before and after shot of the kitchen

Friday, May 15, 2009

the kitchen is about 98% done. getting a pantry made by a friend and also putting some crown on the top of the cabinets above the sink. other than that it is pretty close to being done. here are two shots one of the first day we walked through and one from this evening right after i put the cabinet doors on.


cute little video of eden

eden is a proponent of good enunciation

john maxwell is full of wisdom

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

very thought provoking interview with John Maxwell

Eli doing the pledge

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

eli was student of the day today and when i asked what he did he said he 'got to do the flag.' so i asked what do you do with the flag and here was his response.

upcoming surgery for griffin

hey everyone just wanted to let you know how griffin's appointment went yesterday. well his blood saturation numbers came back a little lower this time. which, combined with his recent color, prompted the doctor to push his next surgery up a month or so. he was originally scheduled to have his 2nd surgery at the end of July but now they are talking about June 10th being the potential surgery date.

the toughest part is watching him every minute trying not to stress about his color or thinking 'do we need to take him in.' please pray for Griffin to stay strong through this month and also keep amber and i in your prayers for strength through this time. the stress level at times feels like it's through the roof.

expectations are a funny thing. when you think things are going to be a certain way and they turn out differently it can really throw you off and mess with your mind. it's because of that we need to rely on God's wisdom and not our own. not the easiest of tasks but the most important.

it almost feels like we're jumping back into the pool to tread water for a few hours after having just gotten out. love you guys and thanks again for all your support and love.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Testing, I just found out that I can update the Blog from my phone just by texting it in. So this is a trial to see what it looks like. Here's to more updates

photo op

A shot of our two youngest watching a little Swiss Family Robinson. Two things, look at how much Eden and Griffin look alike and look how big Griffin is getting.

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