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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Most of you saw the video I made the other day of Griffin and myself. I tried to capture what a typical day looked like. If you haven't seen it, I'll add it to the bottom of this post. Anyway a friend of mine saw it and recognized the music that was playing in the background and decided to send the video to the lead singer of the band. Not only did he watch the video but he wrote back that same day! Here is a little snippet of what he wrote:

my goodness. thank you so much for the email.. i just watched the video and am so so heart broken by the situation that griffin and his family are facing. at the same time, it's so inspiring to see him and his dad being brave and still finding ways to smile throughout such challenging times. ugh. i will absolutely keep griffin and his family in prayer and will ask this of others as well - if there's anything i can do to help in some way, please let me know. even if it's just posting a blog to ask folks to keep them in prayer and thought.. let me know if there's some way!

please let them know that i am praying and that i am truly touched by courage and by the privilege of them allowing that song to be a part of the backdrop to the experiences they are having right now.

thank you for sharing this.

much love, ryan
sleeping at last

I am humbled by his response to our situation. Thanks Ryan. The band is Sleeping at Last and the song is Next to Me. It's great music so support these guys. (I was just happy Youtube didn't reject the video because of copyright laws).


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